Quantum Technology
Innovation Hubs

The Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs were inaugurated
in February 2021 based on the National Quantum Technology
Innovation Strategy.

Regarding quantum technology, from the perspectives of further increasing the depth of research and human resources that have been accumulated over many years at Japanese universities and research institutes, and of ensuring the diversity of basic research, it is important for the national government to enhance and strengthen continuous support for a wide range of research at institutions.
In addition, from the perspective of securing and strengthening international competitiveness, centering on the technological fields in which Japan retains its strengths and competitiveness, human resources and technologies should be gathered according to the characteristics of the technology. It is extremely important to form hubs where industry, academia and government can collaborate together on open innovation, all through on basic research, technical demonstration, intellectual property management and human resource development, etc. As such international research and development hubs, a new “Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs (International Hubs)" should be established.
The hubs will bring together excellent researchers and engineers from Japan and overseas, centered on national research institutes and universities, attract active investment from companies, etc., and organize collaboration between universities and companies. At the same time, we will develop and build their roles to play as a core for developing human resources in quantum technology field that will lead the future by coordinating connections among multiple universities and graduate schools.

An informal and tentative translation of excerpts from Quantum Technology Innovation Strategy
(January 21, 2020, Integrated Innovation Strategy Promotion Council).

Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs





7 April 2021

The 1st Quantum Technology Innovation Promotion Committee

Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs

1 October 2021

The 2nd Quantum Technology Innovation Promotion Committee

Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs

The 2nd Quantum Technology
Innovation Promotion Committee

Time and Date: 10:00-12:00 1st October 2021

Location: virtual meeting


1. Report from the International Cooperation Subcommittee
2. Report from the Intellectual Property / Standardization Subcommittee
3. Report from the Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Subcommittee
4. Report from Human Resources Development Subcommittee

Minutes The 2nd Quantum Technology Innovation Promotion Committee【PDF/145KB】
(in Japanese)